Month: July 2020


Best Music Streaming Apps in India

We all love music. It has been an integral part of our lifestyle and in the last few years, we saw a great surge in music streaming apps being downloaded in India due to the data revolution that started with Reliance Jio’s entry in the mobile network market. And what followed was the launch of…


Dashlane Password Manager Review

The best password manager. You must be having different passwords for different websites and apps, and it is a difficult task to remember all those complex passwords and that is why we have a password manager that will remember all your passwords for you. And that’s Dashlane Password Manager.  And well, if you use the…


Best Note-Taking Apps.

Note-taking apps are handy to keep note of anything from writing minutes of your office meeting, noting down recipes, or some random thoughts. So, there are lots of note-taking apps with lots of features. We are going to review the best of those so that you can choose which app is suitable for your needs….